CSD Final Exam for 2018


I created a Google Form version of this test. If you see mistakes in the questions or answers please let me know. I have allowed everyone to edit the form which will allow you to make a copy of the form. Open the link and please make a copy for yourself before changing or adding anything.


This is great!! Thanks for sharing. How can I make a copy of this test for my students to take? In other words, If I had to give this test to my students, the responses would go to me? Thank you in advance.


I edited my previous post which will fix the issue you are talking about.




This looks fantastic, thank you for all your hard work.

please send to: jesse.white@browardschools.com



Could you please include the answer key as well?


Thank you and could you please send the answer key to hedstja@nv.ccsd.net? You are saving me a lot of time!!


Love it Please share. reagins@myipsorg


Would you mind sharing the answer key with me as well? Thank you for putting together such a great resource!



Hi everyone! So, my school requires us to create exam review guides for each of our classes. I am working on one now, but I was wondering if anyone else had already created one for their students. It would be super helpful to not have to reinvent the wheel!


Yes please share with me - rbowens2@cps.edu
Thank you!!!


Please send me your resources. leyazzie@yahoo.com or leclair.yazzie@bie.edu

Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing! If anyone else would like a copy of this Form, grab the the URL inside of the parenthesis below (don’t copy the parenthesis) and paste it into your browser’s address bar (where URLs go) and hit enter/go – it should pull up as normal then. This forum automatically embeds links as an iFrame, which I think is the problem some people are having.


Once you have the Form up in your browser, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and choose “Make a copy”.

By the way, for those of you requesting an answer key, there is already an answer key built into the Form itself.


I would be most appreciative if you would share with me your CSD Final Exam for 2018. .
Thank you.

Rick Smitherman
Cele MS
Pflugerville, Tx


I assumed the answer key would be included with the exam, but as I review other comments, it appears that it comes by separate request.

Rick Smitherman


Thank you,


Will you please share your final assessment with me. Thanks in advance. Bob


Thank you. Will you please share your answer key? Jreeves@dallasisd.org.
This is great.


I would like a copy of the exam. sboyd@browardschools.com


Hi I would love to see your assessments
Frank Tarnopol ftarnopol@holbrook.k12.ma.us

Thank you!