Digital Career Corner Links (Good for In-Person or Virtual Classrooms)

While shifting my courses to meet the new stay-home, digital model, I have been creating a “Career Corner” module (in our learning management system). While in a conference chat with a few other teachers and reps, I was asked to share the links to the videos and articles in that module. Here is a link to a Google Doc that has the videos (and some Newsela article titles) you could share with your students:

I have some of these videos/articles set up individually or grouped. I then use them as “breaks” from coding lessons. I sometimes have questions related to the video(s)/article(s) or simply ask for a “Wow” and “Wonder” response.

NOTE: There is a similar feed in the H.S. Computer Science Principles section, so you may also want to search for it if you would like more resources (but most are not as user-friendly for middle school students). Someone in that feed did post a Webquest that they created and you can purchase through Teachers Pay Teachers (


Thank you for sharing