Enrolling Students in Multiple Courses

Next semester I have students who are in several different computer courses. Students are not allowed to have email, so I have always set up their accounts and carried them over year-to-year, and transferred them as needed to new courses each year (keeping the same password.)
Is there a way to add the same student to multiple classes?I know how to move students, but I don’t want to move them, just add them to an additional course.

Each year, I just create a new class and add the students to the class. I do not remove them from the previous class.

Do they have new passwords then? I’m just looking at the logistics of having students keep track for multiple classes and am trying to simplify it as much as possible.

No, their courses will appear as tiles just like they do on your dashboard. So, if they are enrolled in multiple courses, all the courses will all show up in their dashboard. The best way for you to test this out would be to create a dummy student account using an email address that is not associated with your teacher account. You can enroll your dummy student account in all of your courses and see what the dashboard looks like. This will give you an idea of what your students are seeing. I hope this helps.

The students are not allowed to use email addresses, so this would not be possible. I have to set them up with the secret word options - even for 13+.

Oh wait, I think I found it! It looks like students can enroll at the bottom of their dashboard with the class code.