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If students find pre-made infographics and include them as PART of their infographic as their artifact, will this be okay? Yes, it makes sense that they should make the entire infographic from scratch but if that’s the case, why did the samples make a 1 on their artifact for graphs, etc.? They understand they must cite the infographic they found.


They cannot reproduce the exact same infographic but they could create a collage. The computational part of the computational artifact means that they have to have done something, used some tool, to make an original piece. Of course, they must cite their sources.


But they can include it as part of their infographic. It looks like the sample infographics are just a bunch of images pasted from the internet. If they want to include a great infographic along with some other images and site them for their infographic, should this be okay?


If I were the examiner, I would prefer to have just one computational artifact. The additional infographic may be great, but it is not adding value to their own artifact. So, I would ask the student to see if they can incorporate it into their own computational artifact in some way. That’s where creativity would come in.