Final Project idea


I just came up with this and thought I would share for people who have to give a final exam in the course. I am going to give it as a “cumulative performance task,” and will probably makeup something slightly more involved for our final exam/project. I figured it was a nice way to incorporate all the things students have focused on throughout the year but it also gives them choice to focus on what interests them most. You can change the client or focus of the Business, or add/take away criteria to make it more/less challenging.
Cumulative Task 2018



This is great! Thanks for sharing!



Hey Carolyn:

Do you have an assessment tool designed for this, i.e. rubric, quiz, etc.? I love activities along with all my student. Excellent work.



This is an awesome idea! I just might have to use some of this next school year. I was also wondering if you have a specific rubric that you use alongside this?


This is AWESOME! I am like everyone else, is there a rubric, grading tools, etc