Forcing Pair Programming to end?

Is there a way for me to turn off Pair Programming after the students already started in that mode? I already changed it in the section details but it is still showing students as Pair Programming. Since we are teaching virtually right now it seems that the students who are choosing not to attend the sessions still have PP enabled and I cannot undo it for the other students who are attending to be able to simply do their own work and not their partners. Help!

Hi @lacey.lloyd,

I am assuming you have asked the students who are participating to go up to pair programming and un-pair? If yes and it did not work, I assume that what is happening is that the students who are not participating now were the “drivers” and are still remaining logged in at the computer at school - is that correct?

Will these features listed here help you figure out what is being done by whom?

If not, let us know and we’ll keep trying to find solutions.

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Hi @lacey.lloyd, if you’re viewing the “progress” tab and seeing the pair programming icon appear, this indicates that students completed a level while paired. It does not relate to any current paired / unpaired status. Pairing of students is entirely temporary; whenever they sign out, they will be unpaired. If students of yours are still able to pair, we’d recommend checking the “edit section details” screen for each section of yours, to make sure it is turned off in every section. Hope this info helps!