Formative Assessment for CSD Unit 2 Chapter 1


Here is an assessment I created for Unit 2 Chapter 1 that worked out very well. It is an application based assessment, but let me know that students were really picking up on all of the objectives of the Unit to this point. All objectives are either addressed through completing a task using the Web Lab tool, or through answering questions on their webpage. I hope some of you find this useful. Here is a link to the starter project I created. Feel free to remix and adjust it so it better suits your classroom. Attached you will find the directions the students had to complete on the starter project. Mrs. Taylor’s Starter Project for Unit 2 Chapter 1 Assessment Directions for CS Discoveries Unit 2 Chapter 1 Final.docx (14.4 KB)


I really like this resource. Thank you for sharing


This is great, thank you! Yesterday, I learned our school is getting back into the Dufour-style PLC process when “common formative assessments.”

I have students for a quarter (9 weeks) at a time - with 7th graders as the ones doing Unit 2 this year. With a new quarter starting Wednesday, I’m envisioning riffing on what you did for the mid-quarter benchmark CFA.


BRILLIANT!!! Thanks!