Formative assessments (and the latter)



I have spent 15 years teaching computers and I always used projects as an assessment. Well, now my new principal wants me to create “real” (authentic??) assessments that are formative and summative assessments, basically in the form of a real test so that I have “data” to use for analysis. Any ideas or contributions? I preface this by saying, personally, I hate the idea of a real "test"in lieu of a project just for DATA purposes, but I must conform to keep my job. grr.


I feel you on the exams. Sometimes they feel so unauthentic in this course. That said, there have been some resources shared, check out this section of the forum.

Hopefully we can all work together to make these resources.


Agreed - I have found some real exams and quizzes on this forum - PLEASE keep them coming!!!


@katherine.leyva I Don’t know if this would work for you, but I have often taken rubrics from projects and modified them if necessary to break down the skills I want the students to master. (I modify them because sometimes, the rubric has checkboxes that aren’t so much skills as steps in the process) Then, they get 1 point for mastery and 0 for not on each skill. Then, if there are, for example’s sake, 10 skills they should master in that project, I get data from the # of skills they have mastered and I also can see across the skills how many students have mastered each skill.

In doing this, I keep the project as the assessment and avoid the m/c test trap, but still have data to inform my teaching. My administrators have never questioned it so that’s what I would do, but if they look at it closely and don’t approve of that approach, this may not be helpful to you.