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Does anyone know why my eraser tool is drawing on my sprite instead of erasing?

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Is it drawing in a certain color or is it gray? I went into my sprite lab and tried using the eraser tool on a sprite and it looked like it was drawing in gray, but it was just revealing the gray (transparent) background. On the left side in the thumbnail version of the sprite, I could tell it was erasing because it left a white mark (see the forehead of the bear in the image below).

If yours is doing something different can you maybe send a screenshot or describe a little more what is happening and I would be happy to try to help you troubleshoot it!


Yes, it is gray. What does that mean?

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If you can see the image I uploaded earlier today in the original response, the gray is the color of the background, so you are actually erasing the image, but the gray background is showing through… the actual erasures are happening and you should see it when you use the sprite or even when you view it in the side panel. Hope that helps!