General Pilot Questions


Use this topic to ask general questions about the pilot logistics.


Our IT department is starting their summer work of repairing/replacing technology. Could you provide the basic computer specs I will need to implement the pilot? Thanks!


Hi Renee,

You just need a computer with a modern web browser to be able to run the pilot right now! Preference is for web browsers like chrome and firefox but really anything will work! Hope that helps!



Hey @renee_coley

Just realized we already have a great resource with details about tech requirements! You can find that at : :slight_smile:



Awesome! Thanks! I’ll pass this on to the IT department as proof!



Looks like I spoke too soon! Our development team for our new Maker API that integrates into App Lab (used in Unit 6) will require that schools have Chrome as a web browser at least for the pilot. I’m going to work with him to get exact details and send an email asap but wanted to make sure you knew. Sorry for so many responses haha



It’s all good. We use Chrome for everything.


This may have been addressed in the last questions, but I wanted to know about flash.

Chrome appears to be moving away from flash, and I wanted to make sure that the app lab will not use it. I only ask because I believe that scratch uses flash. Will this become a problem?


@Russell - I’m fairly certain that you will be fine without flash. I don’t have flash on my computer and App Lab, Game Lab, Maker APIs all work just fine for me.



Should we be getting our information about the kick off soon?


@renee_coley working on the email right now! Hopefully will have it out to you soon :slight_smile:


Is there a way to give student feedback as a comment in the lessons?


Hey Gretchen,

If you want to include it directly on the forum you can do it there. From lesson plans there’s a “Support” box that includes a survey you could use to leave feedback. If you want to report a bug you can do so by clicking “Report a Bug” in the top left corner of a Web Lab, Game Lab, or App Lab level. Given you’re in Unit 1 you won’t usually see that however.

Can you let me know what kind of feedback students are trying to give? I think this is something we’ll want to think about beyond this specific instance.



I’m realizing you may be asking whether you can give feedback to students through Code Studio. In either case let me know what you’re thinking and we’ll try to come up with a solution.


I have a question about assessment. I teach a 7th grade computer course in a suburban middle to middle-low income district. My class is a graded class. I have just finished the first chapter of unit 1 in the pilot and I’m struggling to reflect student learning in my gradebook. I know the argument is always whether things should be for a grade or not, but I am held accountable for providing student assessments throughout the quarter.
I decided to use the Unit 1: Lesson 3 Road Trip handout as a quick assessment. I even created a rubric. However, after looking at the students’ work, I feel like the instruction may not have been clear enough as their papers are very confused and rather incomplete even though I witnessed them completing the project. I believe the crux of the problem is that I do not want to assess students based on their ability to communicate in writing since this is a computer course. For many students, this is their “easy A” when they struggle in other classes. The unplugged assignments are great, but I’m really struggling to populate the gradebook with something that reflects student learning in computer science rather than their ability to communicate their learning in writing. I’d love to hear how others are addressing similar issues.


Hey @wadc_edavis - I bet there are other teachers in similar situations to you. Hopefully some people can share what they have done.

One idea that comes to my mind is to a reflection writing prompt on the problem solving process. You could have students come up with their own problem or present them with one. Then with that problem in mind the students would explain how each part of the problem solving process. One of the biggest goals coming out of the first 3 lessons of the course is for students to understand the problem solving process and how they can apply it to a problem. Anything that showed their understanding of that would probably be a great assessment.

Hope that helps! Definitely report back on what you decide on.



Is there a way to give a student feedback from the teacher as a comment in the lessons? It is so easy to look at lessons and click on each student’s work and it would be handy to be able to leave a teacher comment.


Gretchen that is a frequent request but currently not something we support. Out of curiosity what are you doing in order to leave students feedback in your class?


In the past, I referenced a specific stage and lesson in a message in the Google Classroom, but found it very time consuming to go back and forth between the two platforms. As for this semester, I have not gotten to any of the online activities yet. I see this feature to be most needed in the HTML and CSS sections of the curriculum.


Hey Gretchen,

We’re tracking this request. If other people or you want to weigh in throughout the pilot about what this tool might look like it’d be useful. It seems like your current system might be pretty cumbersome.