Google Classroom Assignment - distribute copies to students?


I’m teaching Discoveries in a middle school and my class is synced up with google classroom. I have created an assignment and would like to distribute individual copes of activity guid ( Inputs and Outputs) so tthey can edit and submit the file to me but this option does appear. When I attach the Activity Guide to the assignment the only option is editing the file a class or viewing it. I can’t give them individual copies.
I am the owner of the Activity Guide. What am I doing wrong?


From what you are saying, it seems like the students will have to make a copy of the document so that they will have their own copy and then submit it. Hopefully someone else will chime in and help.


Hi John,

Thanks for following up on this! I discovered that in order to distribute google doc to students individually you have to select this option as soon as you attach it to the assignment, otherwise the option will disappear.

Thanks again!

Eileen McMahon


John Old