Had copy of assessments


Hello all. This is my first year teaching AP CSP. So far…so good. A question about assessments: is there a way to print a hard copy, or are students required to take the tests online? Thanks.


Hi Matt,

The short answer is no.

The long answer is first of all, congrats on teaching AP CSP and welcome! Glad things are good so far. :grinning: The closest thing to printing at the moment is literally hitting “print” on the webpage and printing the long form of all those questions, taking several pages per assessment. I know of several other teachers who had the same question and code.org superstar Baker Franke confirmed that currently there is no way to produce a nice printable version given technical reasons and some features they want to maintain. They are aware of many teachers’ desire for this feature and meanwhile encourage teachers to do their best with the online version, which also allows code.org to gauge how students are responding and allow code.org to refine and improve the questions and content based on that feedback.

Sorry, as I know this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for (“Yes! Here it is.”), but hopefully it at least answers your question.



Good to know. Thanks you.