How are you grading?


This is my first time teaching Computer Science Discoveries and while the platform and lessons make sense in terms of what I show the kids, I am having a little difficultly figuring out how to best assess my students.

Some of my kids are just doing whatever they can to get Code Studio to give them green circles. It seems really easy to just hit finish and even with minimal changes the kids get “credit”.

I was hoping you might have some insight on how to best grade/assess the kids. I have 6 sections of 25 so it’s not the most realistic for me to check each kids work.

How do you transition their work from the progress screen to the gradebook?


This is an awesome question. Take a look at the Assessment forum for some ideas.


So far (I am only in Unit 2), I go into each student and look at the last stage of each lesson. I give feedback on Progress Book for them if they missed something or did something wrong. I then allow them to go back and fix the issue. It is a ton of work, but I have found by doing this the kids know I am personally looking at what they are doing and I am giving them feedback which helps them understand what they did wrong. When they got to Lesson 9, they understood their errors and made better web sites (I think).

I do not have as many students as you, but I do have 2 full sections. Once you get in the groove of grading it does not take as long as you might think. For my two groups, it usually takes me about 10-15 minutes to grade each lesson and give feedback.


Thank you for sharing this idea for how you are giving feedback. I also check my students actual work rather than rely on the green bubbles.


I’d like to give a skills based assessment. How do I made a debugging assessment for unit 3?


What do you mean by Progress Book? Is this something you have created.


Its our online gradebook for our district.


Hey @ginny.priest I’d offer that one way to do this is develop some programs with a few of the types of errors you’d like your students to be able to debug. If you go to the projects page you can create your own Web Lab projects and then use the “Share” link so each student can have a copy. If students all name the project identically you can easily look at them in the “Projects” tab of the teacher dashboard of that section.

That’s just one idea of mine but perhaps other people can share theirs.



I just made a rather simple rubric for the Activity Guides. I want to stress that my students need to put forth the effort, and not be focused on things being “correct” in the early stages…especially Unit 1. Here’s what I used:

Proficient (Score Code “P”) - 100%

  1. Answers the task in complete sentences.
  2. Work shows genuine effort to understand the topic.
  3. Answers show student thinking, regardless of “correctness”.
  4. All sections of the Activity Guide are complete.

Marginal (Score Code “M”) - 75%

  1. Answers are in fragments or incomplete sentences.
  2. Work shows an attempt to understand the topic.
  3. Answers explain student thinking, but need expanding.
  4. Some sections of the Activity are incomplete.

Unacceptable (Score Code “U”) - 50%

  1. Answers are fragments or incomplete.
  2. Answers are attempts to “fill space” or do not make sense.
  3. No evidence of student thinking.

No Credit (Score Code “NC”) - 0%

  1. Work is missing.
  2. More than half the assignment is blank.


@hensleyn Progress Book looks like an online learning platform similar to Blackboard.


This response just links the original poster back to where they asked their question. Can you please give more clarification?


Try this link instead…


I am working with my student teacher to be a little more specific about how we score each of the lessons. The following is a work in progress with specific things I want to see in a students’ lesson:

If you don’t want to click on the link an example of one lesson on there is:
U2L03 - on

  • Check bubble 7
    -10 points for at least 3 real sentences plus all green
    -7 points for 1 or 2 real sentences OR 3 real sentences but not all green
    -5 points if there are no sentences OR if there is pink text (showing bugs)

I am happy and open to suggestions on how to improve this! Please feel free to reach out.