How are you handling assessments?



I was just wondering how everyone is handling the assessments for the CSD class. I’m currently working through unit 1, and while there are a ton of great hands-on activities, I haven’t really seen that much information that I can assess my students’ knowledge of. I was just wondering if anyone else had run into the same problem and what other people had done in regards to this. Any help or advice would be appreciated!


This is a great question. I piloted CSD and found that I needed to be a little creative with my assessments. I often used the activity guides for formative assessments and used student journals (I used blogs) as more summative assessments. Of course, the final project is an excellent summative too. I’ve seen some people posting self-created final assessments for Unit 1 too. I haven’t tried them myself, but definitely worth a look! Let us know what you come up with too!