Implementation Planning


I agree this is the first year that my students are using one to one, and just teaching them basic navigation is taking us a lot of time. With that said most students are taking a intro to coding class using sketch. As the year goes on they are getting faster and more computer literate so maybe second semester I can use a CS lesson in my science class.


I think that by the second semester both me and my students will be ready for implamentation.


The GUTS Implementation Planning Guide was useful. I feel ready to help students through the system design and coding. We need to check the software on the devices we will use. We also need to do a mini-unit with similar code blocks so our students can review this style of coding. We want the GUTS interface to feel accessible and not too overwhelming.


I definitely need more confidence in implementing. There are no other teachers at my school who do this or are familiar with the material barring one in primary–scheduling conflict. Also I do not foresee how to share student work as it is computerized. Time periods are short and I am anxious as to how much could be covered in one period per week.


I found the implementation guide to be very useful. I have previously implemented parts of the curriculum, but found that my planning was not accurate to the time needed for students to complete the work. I know that this will improve with experience but the implementation guide is a great kick-start to thinking through all of the issues with bringing CS in science into the classroom. There are sections that I would not have anticipated ahead of time that I was prompted to consider.