Is anyone using CS discoveries in their IB (International Baccalaureate) Design Class?


I am new to teaching at an IB International Baccalaureate school and their curriculum for Middle school is Design. It seems like the CS discovery fits well. Hoping that someone who is more familiar with IB Design can help me!


I am new as well but am using this for my IB design class- It’s going well! We are working on the first project - Good Luck:slight_smile:


I am an MYP teacher using CS Discoveries for one of my IB Design classes. (I’m also an MYP Coordinator.)

I can help on some aspects. My group for CS Discoveries are MYP 3, 4, 5 (8th -10th gr). What is your question?



Are you using ManageBac for your unit plans? You can email me directly-

It might make it easier to get back to you. :slight_smile:


Yes, I am! It has been going really well. My email is
I’m struggling with the rubrics, but Cheryl Wegscheid helps a lot. =)


I am starting IB this year and need to create Lessons outlines for Computer Discoveries. Can you share your Unit Outlines in IB Form -


Hello. Is there another email to contact you about the IB framework you mentioned? I tried to email the gmail you listed, but it did not work. Thank you.



So sorry that you’re only now reaching me.

I’ve been out of the US traveling before school started. If you want to send me your email address I’ll share the same items with you that I shared with the others. Also, the work was created with a group from several IB schools. Remember, it is not perfect even though we spent many, many hours working through it. Hopefully it’ll be enough to get you started.




Thank you, Cheryl.
I have been teaching STEM to K-6 students for the past three years, and now I am moving up to middle school (6-8). Another new thing for me is that I will be working at an IB school, so I would love to look and see how you organize your rubrics and plans. I appreciate any help. My email is Thank you.


I teach and IB design class and the CS Discoveries curriculum works great. The design cycle is simplified but works great for the student understanding and use. I’ve been having a great time working with all the students. Still working on lesson planners and rubrics but will hopefully have those completed by the end of the year.


Hi Can you share materials with me? I am hoping to use CS discoveries for the 2nd semester in Design (IB)

my email is:


Hi Can you share materials with me? I am hoping to use CS discoveries for the 2nd semester in Design (IB)
Looking for rubrics and plans.

my email is: