Is the link broken?


When I try to access the lesson plan for Storage Chapter, I am sent to
which is actually Lesson Plan for Apps and Storage.



The link you are getting is for the updated version (notice the csd-18), as feedback has come in from the first year, there is a new version of the curriculum which is the Apps and Storage chapter you are getting.

Check out: for the CSD 2017 version of the curriculum for the Storage lesson. Also notice the “csd-1718” in the URL - keeping in mind that there are changes. (You’ll also notice the warning on the top of the page of the link I provided has a “newer version of the curriculum” link).

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Thanks so much for sharing the link I wanted!

One query: the abstract for Lesson 7 (Storage) at mentions this:
Students explore the importance of storage within the Input-Storage-Processing-Output model of a computer. The warm-up activity asks students to reflect on the types of information they have seen computers store in the past, like documents, photographs, or videos. The unplugged main activity has students develop an algorithm to process a small pile of cards in search of specific cards within the deck. Constraints on how students can move the cards force them to consider the importance of storage even while they are processing the deck. The lesson concludes with a discussion of the two types of storage students saw in this lesson and the importance of storage while processing information.

However, the lesson plan link is as you say an updated version. There seems to be a content disconnect between the abstract and the lesson plan. Hope I did not confuse myself.

Much appreciate your patience.



Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for letting us know about the abstract. I think it’s just a glitch from when we updated the unit. We’ll look into it today. If it’s what it seems to be, we’ll have it fixed in a couple days.