Key to Create Survival Guide

The KEY to the Create PT Survival Guide goes to a random place. Does someone know where I can find this? Thanks!


Hi @carol.ramsey,

How are you accessing the key? It seems to work fine for me when I access it from the student view:

You will be able to see the key in a blue box at the bottom only if you are a verified teacher. Find out more about verification at this support page.



I was trying to access it from the teacher lesson plan. That link isn’t correct.

I completed the form to be a verified teacher, but that might take 7 days. Can I get the key before then?


Hi @carol.ramsey, The Survival Guide key is only available through the teacher portal in your code account. You can use the link you referenced above but you have to be signed in as a verified teacher. Send a request to and ask for an accelerated verification. Hopefully that will help.

I’m verified and I have it now. Thanks!