Life Science Challenge #3

  1. I chose the medium level question
  2. Here is my link
  3. I created another breed and added energy to the predator, but after the setup button was pushed the giraffes stopped moving. Not sure what to do next. I kept comparing it to the mountain lion code, but I am not stuck.
  4. Please see above answer to #3.


I completed the challenge to add an invasive species of supergrass.
No real problems.



I chose the medium challenge due to time constraints.

I couldn’t really figure out how to get my weeds placed at the far end of Spaceland, but I did add the invasive species.


Here is my challenge

I chose the medium one with an invasive species. I created a crazy rabbit species but they are really taking over everything. Not sure how to tweak it but it’s at least somewhat working.


I chose the medium challenge for time’s sake. The URL is I had the same problem that I had for the 1st Life Science challenge–the new breed disappeared after forever was pushed. However, I fixed that, finally.


I am not figuring this one out. I can’t figure out how to make the ‘rabbit energy’ into ‘bear energy’ for the bear I just created. This is my struggle. Ugh. There is definitely merit to working with a partner, because right now I could use one!!


Which challenge question did you chose, and why? I chose to add an invasive species because it is more in line with my beginner skill level.
URL for public link.
What did you struggle with most? I struggled most with tweaking the reproductive rates to get them just right as not to over burden the system but still cause invasion.
Is there anything else you still need help with? I feel I still need help in general with the basics of this program. I still need help with simple things like changing the terrain color.


Did you ever figure out what caused the population explosion? We are having similar problems in the class I’m teaching and I just can’t see an issue with the code the kids are writing.
Thanks for any input!


I did the medium challenge. It was somewhat of a struggle getting them to move. I went back to something we went over in class to make it work. No.


I added the invasive species, because science classes in my schools study invasive species. This was straightforward. I added a collision, to delete grass if the invasive species touched it. This models an invasive species at choking out a native species. A minor struggle was to make the invasive species a bright color, so I could see it easily. I look forward to collaboration on this between Tech and Science at my school. I need help through collaboration, to tie this in to existing science curriculum. Fortunately my colleagues in our Science Department are looking forward to collaborating on this.


I chose to add an invasive species.
I struggled with the procedure to create the species (for some reason). Maybe I just need a bit more practice.

  1. I chose the medium challenge, because the hard challenge was above my current skill set.
  3. I can’t get the spaceland to reset when I push setup. Everything looks as it should to me, but I can’t determine the problem. This happened to me several times when I started with a fresh copy of the model.
  4. I do not feel confident enough to debug the code.