Midterm Assessment After Unit 2



I took tara.taylor’s Unit 1 Assessment and added a lot more questions including many questions from Unit 2 to be compiled as my midterm assessment. I’m sharing here in case any of you guys would like to use it.



Looks awesome. Thank you for sharing.


Looking for an assessment for CSFundamental Course C (then eventually D,E,F). Are there any like this for the grade 1-5 courses???



Wow, that is Awesome. Thanks.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If I could, I’d kiss you!:heart_eyes:


This is awesome. Thank you. Do you by chance have an answer key so I can double check my answers?


I’ve taken the answer key down due to students being able to access; however, if you are teacher you can direct message me for it.


Thanks so much. This just made my coding I class that much easier.


Are you guys going to teach Unit 3 next? Any ideas on additional assessment for it?


Thank you so much for sharing!!


Wow!! This is wonderful and the answer key? I looked through the questions, they are perfect. I truly needed the answer key.

Thank you for your time in creating this.


This community is Awesome! Thank you!



Since I am new it won’t let me direct message, but could I please get the answer key? Thanks.


Hello: I would like a copy of the answers if possible.

Thank you

Yes I am a teacher at CWMS in Wilkesboro.



Can you send me the answer key for the midterm test you creates… it is an excellent job…

thanks-you in advance.


Thank you for this assessment! Do you also have an answer key?


Thank you for creating this. May I have the answer key?

Donna Galloway - teacher at Wetumpka Middle School


Send me your school email address please.


Please forward the answer key to me also. Thanks


Answer Key please :slight_smile: jforste@cassville.k12.mo.us