Midterm Assessment After Unit 2



Answer key too please. This is great!


This is great! Thank you so much. Do you have an answer key as well?


Thank you for sharing. Could you please share the answer key. Thank you.


Could you send me that answer key also? brandy.hicks@milan.k12.in.us


Yes, please email me your email address.


Hi, my name is Kim and Iā€™m teaching middle school. I would like to administer the Mid term. Can you send the Answer Key


Yes, please email me your email address.


Good Morning, I would like to use your exam for my mid term. Will you please share your answer key with me?


Good morning, I too would like to use your mid-term. Could you share your answer key?


Thank you


Hi Brandy,

I would like to get the answer key as well if that is okay.....amoorman@sripley.k12.in.us


Thank you for making this happen @brandy.barlow!! :v:


Hi Brandy,

Thank you for the midterm assessment.
Please send me your answer key to the midterm assessment.



Thank you so much for this.

Please send an answer key to: bpenney@tolland.k12.ct.us


This is awesome! Thank your for sharing your hard work. Would you mind sharing the answer key to mbeltrandelrio@harmonytx.org


Great resource. I would also like the answer key. I teach at a small private school in MD. My school email address is vetheredge@fthcm.org (attention E. Russ)


I would also like the answer key: srmstechlady@gmail.com:slight_smile:


Please send me the answer key as well. Regards George george.landry@ucps.k12.nc.us


If you are still sending the answer key, Iā€™d appreciate it! You have done an amazing job with the midterm. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!!

Christy Kalkun


Hey good sir.

my name is Mike Rosemond a teacher in Baltimore City can I please have the answer key to midterm exam.

my email is: mrosemond@bcps.k12.md.us

thank you


Anyone interested in a CS Discoveries Unit 1 and 2 quiz for use in Canvas? I have adapted the quiz from brandy.barlow and added a few questions and created a Canvas quiz. You can import the quiz and then turn it back into a Question Bank. I have included a link to the Canvas export file. If you need instructions for the import let me know and I will be glad to send them to you. If you have problems with the shared link just email me and I will attach the export file and send it to you. I did test the import and it worked for me. Get it. Good luck!!