Midterm Assessment After Unit 2



Sorry, forgot the email address: george.landry@ucps.k12.nc.us for the quiz in Canvas.


Hi Brandy,

Guess what? I would greatly appreciate the answer key as well :grinning:
Thanks for providing this great resource!
c.kerlin@ais.at in Vienna, Austria


Hi, Brandy,

This would work really well. It would be great to have the answer key.
Thanks so much.

Donna Cook,
Teacher, Netagamiou School, Chevery, QC Canada


Thanks for sharing Brandy! Would you send me the key also @ LeKeisha.Hurst@dpsnc.net?


thanks brandy its very helpful. can you send me the answers key thanks in advance



Thank you for sharing. May I also have a copy of the answer key?


Hello: I would like a copy of the answers if possible.

Thank you

Yes I am a teacher at Belding Middle school


I am preparing to teach CSD this coming year here in the Florida Panhandle. Iā€™d love to have the answer key to the Unit 1 and 2 midterm you have compiled. Your work is a great model for me as I get ready to dive in! My email is susan.honsinger@saintmaryschool.net

Thank you so much,


I dont know how to direct message. My school email is jessica.dear@rcsd.ms. Could someone please email me the answer key for this assessment?


do you mind sharing the answer key to the midterm assessment (after Unit 2)?
my email is oramir02@lausd.net.

thank you


Do you mind sharing the answer key?

my email is oramir02@lausd.net

Do you have a Final Exam?

Oscar M Ramirez


Hi Brandy,
Thank you so much for sharing an awesome summative assessment. I appreciate you opening this up to our CS Discoveries teaching community.

Please, if you get a chance, send me the answer key.

My email is: alantos@bcps.org

Best regards,
Andrew Lantos


Could you email me the key? leyazzie@yahoo.com or leclair.yazzie@bie.edu




could you please email me the answer key?

My email is: jameslee13125@gmail.com

Thank you.


If you still have the answer key and time permits, could you email it to me at school? bkerlin@hcsindy.org


Would you please be kind enough to send me the answer key to midterm exam? My email is sdrunasky@greenvilleschools.us.

Thank you for sharing!


This is great. I just went through the class and getting ready for a NEW year. Thank you.


Like everyone else, is there an answer key? angiehhs@yahoo.com


Thank you for creating this! I would love the answer key. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Brandy,
Thanks so much for sharing this. I would love the Midterm Assessment for Units 1 & 2. My school email is colonl@dfsd.org. I really appreciate your collegial support. Have a great summer.