Midterm Assessment After Unit 2



This is my first year teaching CS Discoveries. I appreciate all the work you put into creating this assessment, and continue to do by sharing your answer key with the community.

Can you please send me the answer key: sean.glantz@djusdk12ca.org

Thank you!


Thanks Brandy for the great assessment, could I please get the answer key?
Thanks, Mark


I need your school email in order to send it to you.


Mark Larsen
Malibu High School


Thank you for this. Can you please share your answer key with me? heidi.leventhl@yesprep.org


mbarker@easternlocal.net please send answer key. Thanks.

Also what lesson is the RGB taught?


Please send me the answer key.

This is my first year teaching Computer Science, and any resource is greatly appreciated!



I appreciate this. My first year teaching code and so I am constantly on this forum. Could you please send me the Key. Thanks again dominnr@nv.ccsd.net


Could I please have a copy of the CS Discoveries Fall Midterm?


Please send me your email address.


My email address is whiteca@nv.ccsd.net Thank you again from Las Vegas. This is my first year teaching code and Iā€™m loving it!


I would like answer key, please.