Minirubric checkmarks missing


I love the idea behind the rubrics. Unfortunately, I am running into a lot of bugs as I am doing my pre-work for Atlanta. Sometimes when I am navigating between Units 2 and 3 in CSD in the 19/20 version of the course the checkmarks for the rubrics are there, then a few minutes later they are gone. Any ideas on why this is happening (this has been all morning). Two screenshots are attached. Thanks



This looks like a bug. Can you click on the question mark on the top right of the page where this is happening and choose “report a bug”? That way the team can dig deeper into what is happening.



Sure, today the checkmarks are there but now when I click on them nothing happens.



Hi Sherry,

Clicking on the bubbles should take you to that specific level, just like clicking on any other bubble. Is that not happening? If it’s not, are the other bubbles also not working for you? If you are experiencing a bug, please go to the top right of the page where you see the question mark in the circle, click on it, and “Report a bug” so that we can get you in touch with someone on the product team who can help sort it out.