My superintendent is visiting my classroom... what lesson would YOU like leadership to see?


Alright team, this is not a drill - I invited my superintendent to my classroom and he’s coming! Not until October 16th, but still…

SO, I am trying to figure out what I want him to see and I am curious as to what experienced CSP-ers would want their leadership to see. Right now I am considering these two options, but I am interested in what others think.

  • See the first day of programming in unit 3 - pair programming style : rationale here is that I am a new convert to pair programming and I think the magic of students learning to program is SO FUN to watch. It also could be a good excuse to get him involved with the learning (although, I am not sure if that is his style).
  • See the text compression lesson: rationale here is that it shows computational thinking in the most vivid way possible. The lesson always seems to go well - engagement is high and thinking is visible.

Right now my calendar could go either way for those two lessons but I am wondering if there are other lessons I haven’t thought of yet. Or, in general, I am curious to hear others’ thoughts!

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That’s exciting!!! Personally I’d go the pair programming route!
I’ve been observed in the past using pair programming in an html coding lesson with my freshman and it’s very impressive for them to see students collaborating. They also are really impressed as they listen to the discussion between students that pair programming naturally creates.
I plan on having my admin come in for my observation for U3L03 for those exact reasons this year :slightly_smiling_face:

Whichever you choose though, I know you’ll do amazing!

Good luck!!! Let me know how it goes!


Any unplugged lesson or simulator lesson that encourages collaboration is good to use. When I have guests visit my classroom, I have my students talk about what they are working on and what they have learned.