Newer levels overriding the older ones


My students are currently working on Stage 21 and I am just going into level 17 to grade them now. I have noticed that all of their code in 17 is overridden with the current Bot they are creating in 21. Is their anyway of viewing what they previously had?


great question, @mgranese!

the short answer is no. the longer answer is that these levels are designed to build up towards the larger project, and not really intended to be graded at a level-by-level grain size. instead, each level presents the opportunity to make small, iterative changes to a project that builds up over time. we recommend grading the final product, which incorporates the work students did over the course of the preceding levels.

in the future we want to do a better job of indicating these types of levels from within the tool, so you can know this is happening before you sit down to grade the levels. sorry for the confusion!