Practical Assessments


First of all, shout out to @bradleywellsashley for this idea from our PD over the summer.

I had my students work on their first “Practical Assessment” yesterday, and I’ve never seen students more happy to work through an assessment before.

This attached document is to test students understanding of header and paragraph tags (U2: L3 & L4). I had them all make the same website, and the rubric that I created was specific to this particular assessment.

Practical Assessment #1.docx (40.0 KB)

How to do it: I cut out the 3 sample website slips from the attached document and hand them out to 3 students sitting adjacent to each other. I instruct them to recreate the website on the slip exactly as it appears in a blank Web Lab project. I stand behind the 3 students with the rubric on a clipboard and observe them, and fill in the rubric as they work independently on trying to recreate the exemplar website.

I’ll make another post on here when I make my second practical assessment. But feel free to take the idea, run with it, and share assessments!

My Feelings on this type of assessment: As a teacher I like this method of assessment for CS because I can see exactly where they’re getting stuck and what their mistakes are. While watching students I can give feedback on habits that I want them to develop “If you’re stuck try going to the documentation page”, check back through your journal for useful notes". Students also immediately get feedback on their mistakes after completing the task because within moments of them finishing I have a filled out rubric that I can share with them. Finally, I find this much more convenient to put in as a grade since I don’t need to go back after school and dig through my students projects on, instead I just look through my rubrics and upload a grade onto my grading program.

Classroom Context: I’m working at a Title 1 high school with a class of 10-12th graders that have mostly passed the A1 REGENTs, but are not on track to complete any other math REGENTs. I am allowing students to work mostly at their own pace for Unit 2, lessons 3, 4, 6, and 7 during 40 minute periods. We have been working on these bubbles for the past several lessons.


This is my second practical assessment that I made. The Rubric is included on page 2.

PracticalAssessment2.docx (34.6 KB)


These are AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing them! I really love the idea!


Here’s my third practical assessment on adding images to a webpage, I’m uploading this one a little bit late.

PracticalAssessment3.docx (94.6 KB)