Practice AP Test ready before end of school year?


This doesn’t seem to fit in any of the other topics. I was hoping to use an AP practice test as an actual in-class test for my students this year, regardless of length. I’m looking for something comprehensive/cumulative, and will have already given all of the Unit 3 chunk assessments individually.

Am I mistaken that the College Board would release one sometime this spring? I heard from someone it wouldn’t be ready until mid-summer, but can’t confirm that anywhere online. To be clear, I am looking for a selected response assessment, NOT the performance tasks.


hey, @acrowe!

unfortunately the practice test from the college board isn’t going to be released until this summer. i know we’re working on a cumulative fixed-response assessment at, but i’m not sure that it will be finished by the end of the school year.

note that the course and exam description (which was just released last month) includes 30 sample questions that span all of the big ideas. check those out starting on page 83.

hope this helps!



Thanks! Actually, I think the sample questions are what I was thinking of, and are better than nothing. I only see 22 questions there. Was there a different version with 30?


nope-- this is the version. i saw an early copy that had 30 questions, but i looks like they cut them down for the final draft.