Pre-Assessment to identify possible CSD repeaters


Hoping everyone is having a good start to a new school year! Because some students may have taken CSD in middle school (I will be teaching it to HS freshmen), I would like to assess what students know in the beginning of the year. Any ideas or assessments to share?

Thanks in advance!


Could this work for you?


Thank you so much! I would love if you would share a copy!

Maria Meringolo


The original post “CSD Final Exam for 2018” has links to some Google files. If you click on the blue link in the image, it should take you to the top of the post.


Thank you! Do you have the answer key? I am so swamped with getting my year started, it would be a great help. If you could, please email it to

Thanks so much!


Thank you!

Maria Meringolo


I would love to see this resource,

thank you


I would love it too. Thanks


That sounds great!



I would love for you to send me a copy of your assessment! Thank you!


I really appreciate having access to these resources! Thanks for being willing to share. First time teaching CS Discoveries to middle school.


Thank you for sharing this resource.


I would love both resources. Thank you!