Pre- vs Post-Testing to Show Progress


As part of the teacher evaluation process in my district, I need to come up with data-based goals showing student progress. My question is about that first assessment, are the same questions asked as part of the final assessment, so that I could compare performance before taking the class with performance afterward, one to one?



I am not clear on what you mean by a final assessment. There are assessments at the end of each chapter. Currently, does not provide a cumulative assessment for the end of units or the end of the course. In order to have a true pre-/post- experience, I would recommend using the same assessment questions i.e. have students take the assessment before instruction on paper then administer the assessment in Code Studio after instruction. If you need to do data analysis, then it may be worth it to use Google Forms or your LMS to deliver the assessments. Having students take the assessments in Code Studio is very helpful to for curriculum evaluation and course feedback however it is up to you how best to use the resources.

Happy computing!


OK, thanks! I was assuming there was some sort of cumulative end of course test, but I’m realizing that, duh, I was planning to use a sample test for my final.

I gave the pre assessment one of the first days, but I could totally copy paste and make a google form to readminister the same questions. Thanks for the help!


I want to add to this thread.

I have been having my students go the end of unit assessment as a pre-assessment before we begin each unit. I would love a way for to have the same assessment for pre and post so that the data can be easily exported to show progress. This would be helpful for me to use in my teacher evaluation process and also for the students to compare and contrast their growing knowledge by importing the assessment data into their spreadsheet trackers. I would not use this in as a graded assessment just instructional- and self-evaluation tools.


One more comment. I am making up my own summative unit exams based on College Board resources and vocab, check for understanding questions, and online puzzles. I don’t use the unit assessments as graded activities.


@mbrunner That’s good to know! There are many ways to use these assessments! I also use them more as formative assessments and I can see that they could be useful as pre-assessments.

It is so good to know how other teachers use these assessments!