Problem with audio

In slide 7 and the credits slide, the audio clips sound distorted when you run the app. The first audio clip (crying baby) works fine and we can’t figure out what the problem is for the others.

Hi @sheila_lynch,

Can you provide a link to the project that’s giving you the problem? All I can see right now is the landing page.


–Michael K.


So, the difference between the crybaby sound and the others appears to be how it is triggered. The crybaby sound is triggered when two conditions are true. (The spacebar is pressed and slide==1) There even appears to be a 3rd condition (QW==1), but I’m not sure what that is for or if it’s needed.

The other sounds are played (and replayed and replayed and replayed) every time the draw loop sees that the program is on the given slide (slide 7, the credits). So while the user is stopped on slide 7, the draw loop keeps running, sees that you are on slide 7 and starts the sound again.

Two possible solutions… one would be to trigger the sound for slide 7 and for the credits the same way it was triggered for the crybaby slide. Another way may be to adapt a suggestion made on some previous posts you can read about here:

Good luck! This project continues to evolve and get better!