Resources for Lesson 3.12


Does anyone know of a free library for sounds to upload to App Lab? I am thinking this is going to be an issue on my school’s network. I am trying to copy and paste code from as well as exploring other third party sites for the purposes of my students adding audio to their apps.

  • Dillon


Hi Dillon

I’d love to hear what teachers are using. It would be good to compile a list and maybe it can be added to the curriculum. I have one suggestion. Have you tried ? I’d love to know if that one works for you.




I tried ,but when I right clicked the sound and pressed copy link address the address, for example, was not .mp3 so no sound played. Do I need to have to have an account on in order to access what the app lab describes as the “url” of the sounds?





Here’s the code to my project thus far.


Hi Dillon was a suggestion of our development team and currently when I try to go to the url its not working :frowning:

Maybe try this instead? -



You want to download the sounds to your computer first. You do have to create a Freesound account to download sounds, but I’ve been using it for several years with no trouble. I created one account for the whole class to share.

If your school has Audacity (it’s free) kids can clip sounds or use the export command to convert from one file format to another. It takes a little practice.