Resources for Lesson 4.7


Use this thread to share resources that are helpful for the lesson.


We consider that students should become familiarized with the charts and graphs options available to them in both Excel and Google Sheets as it is presented on CODE,ORG lessons.

Some graphs are more appropriate than others, as the data they represents varies. Also, students can combine different charts’ styles but they have to take into consideration that too much information can work against our intended objective, our audience can be overwhelmed and unable to see our message in a clear manner. Some times too much information becomes a distractor to them.

Other important feature our students can use, is the data summarization tools. Some times is more important to see the data in an aggregated form that in individual data points. For instance if we need to perform a trend sales analysis, we can use data that contains time information: daily, monthly, quarterly or annual depending of the scope of the study.


The students should be able to decide the type of chart that would be needed to display their data so they should be familiar with using the graphs for either MS Excel or Google sheets. Teachers can also use document guide to help the students see a visual image of the charts and the data they represent (unit 4 lesson 4 guide: Data Visualization 101: How to design charts and graphs.Link: )
Teachers can also use the examples of data analysis used by major companies to collect, sort, and discover data and use in decision making process.