Rules unclear after watching video


For this activity the second rule states:
2. Your hand can hold at most one card

in the video’s provided he picks up the card on the safe spot to discard it while holding the new card in his hand. I thought that the new card would have to be placed in a safe stop and then discard the card that is being removed from play. Thus requiring at least 2 safe spots to complete the task.


Hey @wood I had a look at the video and you’re absolutely right! The way the rules are written there should be two safe spots used, not one. I’ve marked that we’ll need to go back and improve that video since I’m sure it’s added some confusion. In the meantime though hopefully it’s still a valuable activity that pushes students to keep developing their problem-solving skills. This lesson is aiming to highlight that storage is important both in familiar ways (like saving photos and documents) and perhaps less familiar ways (like temporary storage during an algorithm). Essentially I’m including all that to say that I hope you still make use of the activity while we work to improve some of the resources :slight_smile:

As always the feedback is much appreciated!

Curriculum Team


Circling back to this to let you know that the updated video in now live in the curriculum. Thanks again for pointing out the issue!


Can you post the video here or put it on youtube. My server is blocking me from accessing the video. Thanks. I did post under another question.


Hey @nmackow I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube for you.


I agree. In the Teacher-Facing video, he breaks the rules. However, the idea being presented is sound. If you use the Rules video for the foundation of the Activity and combine with the teacher video for understanding what this activity is meant to teach you should be OK. If anything, use the teacher-facing video as an example of what you do NOT want the kids to do.