Sanitizing Circuit Playgrounds (Unit 6)

Any idea on the best way to sanitize the Circuit playgrounds? We are supposed to be sanitizing any shared materials between class periods. I have been spraying a paper towel with disinfectant spray and wiping the boards, but want to make sure this will not ruin the boards overtime.

I think what you are doing is correct as long as the spray you are using is a good one.

A colleague of mine heard the following from Adafruit (the distributors of the Circuit Playground)

Adafruit provided the following guidance for sanitizing Circuit Playgrounds:

Consider using a case (which can be removed and cleaned with any CDC approved disinfectant), and/or using a Clorox-like-wipe or sanitation wipe to clean the devices. Applying a disinfecting wipe directly to the back of the board, the touch pads, and the buttons should not affect the device’s performance.

Also, here’s a link to an article by another brand of circuit board which is, at least on the hardware side, very similar to the circuit playground and they recommend a 70% isopropyl/ethanol cleaning solution.


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We are using the small first aid alcohol wipes for our circuit playgrounds as recommended in the article posted by @mwood. They were more widely available for us than wipes or spray. They are 70% isopropyl alcohol.