Semester Final Exam


Anyone giving a semester final exam? My semester ends in 2 weeks and I need a final - anyone willing to share?


I’m with you! Did you find anything? I’m even willing to consider a project…


I’m just using the Practice PTs… Combine the ones from Unit 1 and Unit 2 (both of them) and you got your final “project”…


I’ve taken some of the questions from Code Studio units 1 and 2, as well as some questions from Blown to Bits (which we read over the summer) and compiled them into unit tests…I was going to put them together for our midterm.

Unit 1 Multiple Choice:

Unit 1 Open-Ended:

(We have to give our midterms using a system called LinkIt, so I’m sorry I don’t have a unified document to share!)


Unit 2 Questions:

(Sorry for a second post – I’m still a “new” user, so I was only allowed two links in the first one!)


At the last PD we were promised some multiple choice unit assessments forthcoming. Anyone from have news on those?


Do you possibly have the answer keys for your tests. I feel pretty good about it but would like to get confirmation? Thanks so much. Your tests are great!!!


Do you possibly have the answer keys for your tests. I feel pretty good about it but would like to get confirmation? Thanks so much. Your tests are great!!!


Am I assuming that the questions in code studio are practice for the AP test questions?


So I’ve read that College Board has a practice AP Exam and will share it if you have an approved audit. Is this exam ready? If so, anyone have access to it? Along the same vein, I assume is getting their curriculum approved by CB. If that is the case, do I need to submit an audit, if I plan to just use their curriculum?


great questions, @vlistman!

the practice test will not be available until july. at that time, audited teachers will get access.

you are also correct that we have submitted our syllabus for audit, and we’re waiting on our syllabus number right now. as soon as we have it we’ll post to as well as sharing it here in the forum. at that point, you’ll be able to provide the syllabus number and can bypass waiting for your syllabus to be reviewed.



Does anyone have a final exam they are willing to share? I’ve started putting one together using questions from, the 10 provide by college board and any a few other sources. I can share it once it is done, if someone is interested, but I would appreciate any help anyone can provide.


Hello! Don’t want to deter anyone from sharing their exams if they have them (please still do!) but just wanted to let you know that we are working on a final exam that we will release by mid-May that takes the 22 from the college board and will add 15 or so more from across our units. So stay tuned for that, and in the meantime if others have questions to share, please do!



@Sarah_Filman @brook Just wanted to check in and see if there was any update on your last posts from April about a final exam being made. I am putting one together and I wanted to see what was out there already. Thanks!


Hi Alex! We will be sending broader mail, but just last night we released the exam, which can be found in the course dropdown in the teacher dashboard. There is 1 50-question test, which you can assign to your class, but we also broke up the exam into 2 25-question tests if you have shorter class periods. You can check out the questions at



Thanks @Sarah_Filman! You guys rock!


Oops. I added the section too early for my students. I will just have to tell them to keep out! Question: I know they can unsubmit a question but can they take the whole test more than once? I actually made an exam too but may let them take this as a practice test or vice versa. I didn’t get all the way through Unit 3 so I don’t want them to run into material I didn’t cover. I am loving the questions so far and see you did include some from the college board too. Thanks!


I took this TEST the other day. Excellent work!


Yes it is ready. Sign into the Course Audit section and it is available there.


I have found the drop down menu, but all I can do is select the assessments. After that nothing happens. Is there a place with more instruction on how to access the assessments?

EDIT: Ok why is it so clunky? I found more info. If you click on the progress tab, then in the dropdown menu pick the assessment. There is a magnifying glass next to the word progress that when clicked splits the test into two parts. Then you can click on each part and get more information. BUT you can’t see the test and I don’t even know how to assign the test.