Semester Final Exam


Students love getting out of the final exam. I think it’s unfair to those that don’t take the AP exam though. We don’t have the A or B grade and take the AP exam choice like many schools do to exempt from the final. They can just take the exam and get out of the final. I plan to include the 40% Performance Tasks as part of the AP Final regardless if they take the AP exam or not. My issue is what do I do for the other 60% for those that take the exam…give them a 100 on that portion? Any thoughts? @baker @kaitie_obryan


Wow! I just had quite a bit of feedback when I discussed this with one of my classes (the one that has the senior valedictorian in it) He feels that since the AP PT’s are part of the AP test, teachers should NOT be able to use them as grades anywhere (marking period, midterms, final). He feels practice pt’s are fine but not the ones that students are submitting. For students that don’t take the AP exam, I should include it in their final grade somehow. Unbelievable!


I agree with the student. I am not planning on grading the PTs that my students are submitting. It would open up a can of worms especially if my grade turns out to be lower than their official AP score. Also, we are not allowed to give any feedback to students on the PTs that are being submitted to College Board.


I agree with the part that if I grade it lower than the AP Readers. It is my understanding that once they SUBMIT it, teachers can review and use the PT’s as assignments. Some on the college board community plan to do this and have been told that is permissible. What do you plan to do with those that aren’t taking the AP exam?


All my students will be taking a final MC exam.


@carmichaelc - I think a lot of teachers will struggle with this.

I am particularly concerned with the Explore task since I think it is a project that most students won’t be intrinsically motivated to do it - and, I don’t think it will take most my students 8 hours and I hate not having something for students to do afterwards. For students not taking the AP test, I will probably grade it and enter it into the gradebook - everyone taking the test will be “exempt” so it won’t count for (or against) their grade. I would probably check with my adiminstrator first to make sure that is OK from an equity perspective. It is not ideal, but I think it will work.

For the Create, I think students will be more intrinsically motivated to do it regardless if they are taking the AP test or not.


Does anyone have the score distribution for the Pilot AP CSP exam for last year? I am looking at this site and trying to come up with a scoring guideline in order to score practice finals.


Where can I find this??


Hi Amy,

Last year for the pilot year we did offer a 50 question final assessment, as there was no practice exam available from the College Board as there is now when you complete the audit. The 50 questions were a combination of questions we authored ourselves as well as the sample questions in the back of the purple CS Principles framework book. For this year’s course, we took all of the questions from that cumulative assessment and incorporated them as the chapter built in assessments in each unit along the way. So for this year, for a complete final assessment we’d recommend using the practice exam provided by the College Board.



@Sarah_Filman, could you release code’s distribution of scores? I am trying to use a distribution to try to encourage students to take the exam. Time is running out for me. The school district requires them to sign up in February. Thanks!


Hi Carol – we don’t have that data available at this time, unfortunately.

One of the things we’re all wrestling with in the first year of the course is that we just don’t know how well (or not) performance on authored assessment questions correlates to performance on the real AP exam. The college board also curves the results every year, so what might be a good percentage right on the MC one year might not as good the next year.

We love that you’re actively recruiting students to take the exam and hopefully others can chime in on other effective strategies they’ve used to make the case.



Looking for the answer keys Mr. Seeley or anyone who received them if you have a chance.
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