Should we merge technology departments with the science departments?


Greetings. At our high school, our tech department has made many strides in the past decade. The courses and technology we offer are a matter of pride when showcasing our school. However, our department is small and we are trying our best to grow our staff and courses.

The proposal has been going around that we should merge our department with the science department. There are many reasons for this. But, for the most part, there are two main ideas here. We can write all science courses with stressing technology and scientific tools. Secondly, we can rally both departments and create all our courses with the theme around ‘Discovery’.

Yet, everyone in the Technology department, including myself, seems rather hesitant with this. We understand the idea of infusing technology into the science courses, but we wonder what the impact of a scientific approach to the courses we have created. We see a distinct difference between scientific discovery and inquire vs the design, creativity, and problem-solving in our technology courses.

Has anyone merged their tech (or CS) department with their science departments? What have you found beneficial with this? What problems have you discovered? I am looking to weight our pros and cons over this issue