Spanish translation?

Does anyone know if there is a way to get Spanish versions of all the Chapters/Lessons/activity sheets in CS Discoveries. I’ve been told that I may some students who want to do the first 3 units in other languages. I guess that would apply to everything the student would see, including all the on-screen help when coding the game in Unit 3.

Thank you very much!

Gary Ellis

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Hello! Getting the websites to translate to other languages is usually something where other teachers have found external tools to help out with, including Google Translate. This post has some good suggestions at the bottom for strategies that might be relevant: English Language Learners in the CS Classroom

Additionally, for Code Studio levels, has started incorporating the Immersive Reader tool, which includes a translation feature. Here’s an example of how you could use it for a level in Unit 2:

What a great too! Thank you for sharing this!

@gellis1 - I have also used the Google Doc versions of the Activity Guides then used the Translate Document option under Tools in Docs to create a version of the Activity Guide in another language.