Standards Based Grading



I will be teaching this class for the first time this fall and would like to teach it as a standards based grading class. I have never taught a class in this format and I am looking for direction. I have a basic understand of standards based grading, but I am wondering how you implement it in your classroom. Do you have any resources (standards, rubrics, ect.) that you would be willing to share to help get me started in the right direction.

Thank you!


I don’t use standards based grading and I hope someone is able to respond to you by providing some sample rubrics. But, just to get you started I just wanted to point out that all the lessons in the CSP curriculum have learning objectives (taken from the CSP framework) and CSTA standards. Most of the lessons also have assessment questions aligned to those learning objectives and standards. Also the rubrics for the projects and practice PTs are modeled after the rubrics provided by College Board.


I am teaching this next Spring - did you find any resources for SBG?


@ssvetlik were you working on this? I know you were talking about SBG this summer, but I don’t know if that went anywhere???


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We are in the planning phase of moving to SBG for next school year at my school. Has anyone been able to find any resources? @bhatnagars I appreciate you pointing out all the items already at our disposal, but it would be great if someone out there had a concrete example for us to model our work after. Any ideas where we could look? Thanks! P.S. Are there any resources out there related to CSD and the ISTE Standards?