Strategies for Working with Counselors


Here are some strategies for getting counselors to help with recruitment for CSP, from crowdsourced during the Spokane CSP PD:

  • when there are more people than will fit in the course, let everyone sign up so we have a record of who wants to take the course. we could use this like a waiting list in case slots open up; we could have this list to go back for next year; we could encourage interested students to check out other opportunities to learn CS.

  • marketing materials and statistics to give APs, department leads, and counselors (

  • getting people into AC pd --> if you’ve got a supportive AP, get them to push the counselor to go

  • update all school-wide course materials (have a good course description and name, marketing stuff, etc)

  • materials for counselors to give students to learn about the course


Hello ,
how are you today? Let me tell
you about this new course I will be teaching this year, AP Computer Science

The main thing to get across is that this is NOT a
programming class! We want more
females and non-“geeks” to sign up, so please let me be clear, it’s NOT A

This class is really going to be a lot of fun. It gives students a chance to learn a lot of
cool things about how computers impact other fields, and some general
understanding of how computers are used for the internet. This is an AP Computer Science course
designed for non-computer science majors!
It’s for kids who are interested in technology. There is a lot of hands-on learning,
collaboration, problem solving, and student discourse. This class is a great fit for our students
who wouldn’t normally enroll in an AP course.

This class has only algebra as a recommended prerequisite,
and even that is just a guideline.
Maturity is the only real requirement, since this is an AP course. Also, this class carries a technology credit
in Maryland!

This class is going to be such a great fit for ALL of our students. Please encourage as many kids to sign up as
you can. I would love to have you visit
my class some time to see what it looks like!

Thank YOU!


An elevetor pitch for conselors form teachercon Atlanta

This is a course that introduces students to all aspects of computer science. It is specifically designed for students who have no experience or exposure to computer science. It is for students who believe that computer science is not for them. The course teaches collaboration, computer-based learning and many things that you can use outside of the classroom. The course is designed for teachers who may have no experience in computer science.