Suggestions for Changes in Project Guide


Can I get a copy as well please


Could you share it with me please! Thanks! My email address is


could you share it with me aswell?



Hi Laura, I would love to see your changes. Thank you.


Hi Laura,

Could you please share it with me as well?

Thank you



You’re awesome! I’d love to see your changes as well. My email address is Thanks a ton!



Hi Laura, I like the changes you mentioned. 'Would you share please. 1st year teaching this. I need all the help I can get. Thank you


Laura, can you share with me too please?


Yes, please send me your email address! :slight_smile:


Can you share your modified Project Guide with me?

Thank you.


Oops, sorry. Thank you!


Can I have a copy? -
Thank you!


Hi! Could you share some of your student work - slideshows and posters? I’d love to have some exemplars for my students.

Thanks for considering.


I would love if you could share this with me!




Hi Laura,
Please send me a copy of your modifications. Im having my students do it individually because they don’t work well with others!


Could you share this with me. Thank you.


id love to see your resources for this the project guide.



Hi Laura,

Would you mind sharing your modified Project Guide with me for Unit 1? Thank you!

Wendy Bunker


I would like a copy as well!

Thank you!