Suggestions for Changes in Project Guide

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Can I have a copy? -
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Hi! Could you share some of your student work - slideshows and posters? I’d love to have some exemplars for my students.

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I would love if you could share this with me!


Hi Laura,
Please send me a copy of your modifications. Im having my students do it individually because they don’t work well with others!

Could you share this with me. Thank you.

id love to see your resources for this the project guide.


Hi Laura,

Would you mind sharing your modified Project Guide with me for Unit 1? Thank you!

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I would like a copy as well!

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Could you please send me a copy also.

Please share your modifications with me.


Please send me your email and I will be happy to share.

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I thought I’d included it - brain cramp! It’s

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Hi Laura-
sounds good! Could you email me your info/resources for the changes you made? It sounds much clearer than original. Thanks!

I would love to see the revisions you made in the project guide and the rubric.

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Here is a link to a revised rubric for the project: Grade for gradebook


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Hi Laura - Could you share this with me please?

Thank you

Many of my students had questions about the Process question in step 6, also. The line that starts:

Process: When computers process information they may do it differently …

This could be reworded differently to state that you do not have the app to help you, that you would have to do the task manually.