Supporting CS Principles students during school closures

Are you a CS Principles teacher looking for ideas on how to best support your students during the extended school closures? You are not alone. Post your questions and suggestions here to connect with educators across the nation who are facing similar challenges.

/quick question: Is there a way for me to allow my administrators to see my class?

Hi @jbrock, beyond sharing a screenshot or printout of the class progress view, there is no admin permission setting to allow others to track a teacher’s section.

We are currently looking into options for this feature and are in pilot mode. We will share more information as it becomes available.

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Here is a short list of resources that are now free:

Zoom CEO Offers Free Tools for Schools Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

If you have not already heard. Zoom offers free tools for teachers and schools.

Kahoot provides free access to its Premium Tools

Below is a snippet of an email their CEO sent to their subscribers.
Kahoot! is used by millions of teachers and educators around the world, and in these challenging times, we want to ensure they can continue to teach. While our free version enables distance learning, we want to make sure educators have all the tools they need to fully engage students outside of the classroom.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to distance learning and why we’re providing schools affected by the coronavirus with free access to Kahoot! Premium for the remaining months of the academic year.