System should notify the user once the warranty period reaches its deadline

Dear All,

I would like to send notification to the user once the warranty period reaches its deadline.

Also wanted to know whether we can get the location name from the map to get displayed in the

Sasi Preetha

Hi Sasi,

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Can you explain more about the context of the problem and help us understand the parts of the code that’s relevant to the warranty period? It may increase the chances of people offering help if they don’t have to spend all the time trying to learn the foundations of your program.

Also out of curiosity, what is this program for? Are you a teacher and this is an example for your students, or this is a personal project, or you’re a student and this is for an assignment, etc.?


Thank you for your reply Frank.

I am a Teacher/Mentor who helps in improving the app developed by the student.

Answering to the warranty period, The app is all about storing appliance details(TV, washing Machine, Refrigerator and so on) of an individual… in a way go green concept.Person can refer this app for all their bought appliance.

When the product is nearing the warranty period , the app should notify the user about warranty expiry message.

Also with this app, the user can surf map to locate the service center for the appliance thus seeking how to get the map details loaded into