Teaching loops and efficiency


This looping exercise really allows people to understand every aspect of the part of programming. It is also fun and interactive


To explain looping to my students, we would brainstorm a list of things we do over and over and over again to get an idea of how looping is all around us and we do it everyday without thinking. Getting to the point that when loops make things easy and when we are on a loop we can process fast.

Might even bring in the hamster wheel!!


hmmm loops: it is like creating a button to do the same thing over and over again.


For an inner city school, I would use a repeating song, or a popular dance that is happening across social media. I also feel like sports can be used here, 3 strikes is an out, you can repeat a strike 3 times.


Loops are repeated processes in the activity. We repeat the action in a loop more than once.


The Iteration dance loops would work well with my 3rd graders, but something simpler for K, 1 and 2 grades would be a simple two loop dance. Maybe I could try a stomp routine for those grades.


Teaching loops thru dancing was a great way to gain the students attention and connect it with their lives.


Teaching looping through giving instructions how to to complete a simple task. Students must recognize how specific their directions must be.


I would definitely consider using the ideas posted in this lesson such as the dance and the practice code games. I might also refer to a game that students are currently playing that demonstrate the concept of looping. Since I hope to teach these concepts to a primary class, I would need to keep the instructions very simple.


I really like this idea! Thank you for sharing it!


Teaching looping through dance moves, creates an interest in the students. Great idea.


I love the idea of the Iteration Loopy dance!


Loop is simply the idea of repetition. Student do this in games, or rewind videos to see funny parts again and again. Getting students to see that the same “action” can be repeated over and over again, in a loop, will help them not only with code, but with mathematics/number sense (repeated addition, for example), as well as procedure development in science investigations, where steps are often repeated exactly the same to ensure no variance of variables.


Looping is when you do something over and over like hula hooping.


I like to use the Getting Loopy Iteration dance! Kids love it, I like that they can get up and move. We then make up our own dances with loops.


I like the idea of the repeated dance moves. This will get the kids moving and explain loops in a simple, understandable way. I am very impressed with this curriculum so far!


I used tying shoes as a form of introducing loops. Each pattern must be reapeated to complete an action.


I would teach the concept of loops by having the students create paper chains. They do the same actions again and again to create a long chain that would be symbolic of the “loop.”


I like the unplugged lessons to teach looping. I really enjoyed the video that shows how looping relates to real life.


I definitely like the loop dance lesson but with middle school some of the kids are “like, I’m not doing that!” So we do the worksheet and then I get a couple of volunteers (because we know we always have a few kids who like to show off) and I have them do the dance in front of the class. It is pretty comical. I then let them create their own dance and perform for the class which they like better. Takes a whole day to do this activity.