The pre-course survey


@kjsmith i send you a private message. we’ll get this sorted out!


School started here in northern Maine yesterday! I had unlocked the survey for my entire class yesterday morning and when they got to class in the afternoon, it still remained locked for them but showed unlocked in my teacher view. One student right clicked, selected View Page Source, scrolled down and found that when he clicked the first link in line 369, it was now unlocked. Perhaps that is the same as refreshing the page?? Some of rest of the class was able to access the Source Code and do the same thing but also it refreshed for some of the other students. Just curious if there is an issue with students accessing the source code for assessments?



I tried it and it worked for me. Not sure what the problem is. I have informed the team of this issue. I will get back to you on this soon.


Hi - Sorry your class is running into issues with the survey. The surveys auto-lock after 24 hours, which is probably why they were seeing it locked the next day. The survey is always unlocked for teachers so that they can take a look at it from their view.

If you make sure you select the right section from the section dropdown, you should see a lock symbol on the left, which is an indication that the survey is locked for all students. If you don’t see this symbol, that means at least one student has the survey unlocked for them.

To check exactly which students the survey is locked for, you can click on the “Lock settings” button. If the survey is locked for a given student, they might find a way to get to the URL for the survey, but even if they do, they should just see this:

Was one of your students showing up as locked for you but was still able to actually fill out the questions in the survey?



I had unlocked it less that 24 hours before class and it was showing unlocked for me. That day in class, the students created a account and then try to access the survey. They were clicking on bullet 1 with no result. It did not tell them that it was unavailable. At that point one of my innovative student looked at the source code, scrolled down to line 369, clicked on the first link in that line and the survey unlocked for him. Some of the other students followed his lead to access the survey. Others said they tried bullet one again and it worked. Those student have all been successfully completed the survey.

This incident led me to ponder the reason why I am posting. Since this is the first time I am teaching this course, I am unfamiliar with the end of unit assessments. Is there any reason to be concerned about students accessing the source code when taking the assessments? I understand that they may be encouraged to research the answers if they find the assessment difficult. I am just curious if they would be able to find the correct answers in the source code thereby answering correctly without achieving understanding of the content?


Hi. This is odd, indeed. It should go without saying that your students shouldn’t have access the source code of a page to get at the content :slight_smile: I suspect that some of these new student accounts are out of sync for one reason or another. Try normal things like refreshing the page, or holding ctrl while refreshing the page to clear the page cache (?)

This should not be an issue you for you moving forward. If it is, if the problem occurs again on other lockable resources, please don’t hesitate to submit a bug report or post here to the forum. We’d like to figure out the issue and nail it down.


CSP Team


Hi all. Do we teachers get to see the results of the pre-course survey? When I look at the assessment/survey link and choose my course and Unit 1 from the drop down, nothing shows up. I don’t see any submit button either.


Something to add - when I click on each student, it doesn’t show that they completed the pre-course survey. However, they all did it during class a few days ago.



I assume you were able to unlock the survey by using the popout teacher panel. Individual results are not available for survey results. If at least 5 students have taken the survey, you should be able to view your aggregated results from the same menu used to unlock the survey. You can also see it from your dashboard.

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I had difficulty with the CSP Pre-Course Survey today. About half of my students could access the survey and about half could not. I had created the section via Google Classroom two days ago. All students showed correctly as being enrolled in my section. No students had previously attempted the survey. I had unlocked the survey for all approximately 1.5 hours before class. Any ideas of cause and solution?


Hmm. I’ve escalated this within the engineering team to see if they can replicate. Sorry for your trouble. We’ll get back to you.



Hey @randle.moore thanks for writing in. Looks like we’re going to need you to report the bug through your account for our product team to take a closer look. If you take a moment to write to or click “Report bug” from the menu in the top right of your account we’ll be able to get the right eyes on it.

Thanks for your patience over the long holiday weekend and hopefully we’ll have this sorted for you soon.



Sorry if I missed this - how long does the survey take to complete?


I just adminstered this last class period. 10 minutes is a fair estimate, plus or minus 3 minutes.


So if you have the “Lock Settings” screen open as students are signing up it does not seem to update in real time. So if you are using multiple tabs in your browser you should watch for this.


I cannot see the aggregated results from the pop out teacher panel or in the dashboard. My pop out menu looks like the picture you posted. What am I looking for?


I unlocked the Pre-Survey at the beginning of class. About half the students were able to get into it, the rest were still showing as unlocked. I tried having them close their browsers, logoff, etc. Has anyone experienced this? Any solutions?


@lfridman Please contact with the information about what you are experiencing. They should be able to help you out.



I found my results in the dashboard. Here is a snip of the top of the screen:

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I am new to CODE and planning on giving the survey before anything else (as recommended by I have added my class from Google Classroom and hope I am ready to go. I have gone into Unit 1 and selected “Hidden” on everything in the unit besides the Survey. Does this sound right? I want to show a CODE video forst then administer the survey. When students log in what will they see?