This topic is about final exam


I have created a final exam for my AP CSP students. Let me know if any of you need me to share it.


I would love to see your test! Thanks for sharing.


Yes, Please! :smile:


I would love a copy as well. Thanks for sharing


I would also love to have a copy of your test. Thank you for sharing.


I would love to have a copy. Thanks


Please share your email id


Please share your email id so I can send you the test.


That would be so awesome!!!
Thank you so much

Bryan Binkley


Here is my email address.


Thank you for making this available! I would like a copy as well - my email is

Regards, Julie


I would love a copy as well.

Thank you so much!


Me too please.
Many thanks!


Yes please! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks so much for the offer!


Thanks for sharing. Iā€™d like a copy too.


Of Course! We all would like that!

Thank you,


I would love a copy as well. My email is Thank you.


Thank you, please do, looking forward to it!


Yes, please and thank you.