This topic is about final exam


Yes that would be great.


I would love a copy of your test:

Thanks for sharing!
Sharon Kruger


Is it possible to send me a copy as well?

Thanks you for sharing!!


I would also appreciate a copy. Thank you so much for sharing.


Yes, please and thank you!


Yes please! :smiley:


I would love to see the test! Thank you.


Yes please!
My email is


Yes please


I would love to see the exam.


Yes please. Thank you.


I would also appreciate the test if possible.
AP-CSP Teacher


Would love to see test (first time teaching this course) ā€“ thanks so much


Yes please! I would love to see your exam.


I would love to see the test. Thanks for sharing (


Yes, please. If you could forward a copy to

Much appreciated!!


I would love to have a copy of the test! Thank you for being willing to share!


If you are still sharing, Iā€™d love to see what you gave! Thanks for being open to sharing! please send to


thanks for sharing !!!

email :

Again Thanks,



I would love a copy!