This topic is about final exam


This is my first year—mind sharing your exams with me too?




I would be interested as well.

Thank for your willingness to share!!!

#63 Thanks!


I would love a copy also. Thanks!!


That would be amazing.


Count me in.

Thank you.


I, too would love a copy, Thank you!


I would like to see your test. Thanks for the offer.


Absolutely! Would love to see it!


Me too please.


I would love a copy of your exam. Thanks!


I would love a copy as well, please.


I would love a copy as well.



Yes please!
Thank you!


I am trying to post a google link and it’s not working. Can someone please help me?


trying once more


The following is from the released practice exam from the College Board:

Please be careful when creating and sharing assessment tools. Re-purposing questions from the secure document in a different document is still distribution of secure materials. This is a public forum open to any Google search so do not assume it is safe to post all types of documents.

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I would also like a copy when you have the time (hahaha, I know) to send it. You’re the bomb for creating this!


Please send a copy to

Thanks for the effort.


Yes, Please…Thank you